The Windsor

I wish I wore a tie more often. It’s a part of our culture that has gone by the wayside through the years. Casual dress is showing up more and more in nice restaurants, works, and even worship services. Before going to spring dance in junior high, I spent a ton of time trying to learn a simple single knot. Once I got it down, I’d just loosen the knot, slip it over my head, and save it for another time. Yes, that’s bad for your tie. In college, I had this great job where I wore a tie each day. For whatever reason, I loved it, and after a while I didn’t need to leave the knot in place. If you do it every day, you learn it.

Years later while traveling, I found a picture of how to tie the Windsor, better known as the ultimate knot, and decided to graduate. This picture is cut and pasted from a sketch in my journal—one can see the scotch tape. At the time, I figured it t was time to advance past the ole’ single knot. I don’t wear a tie as much anymore, but every now and then the moment arises when it’s important to look the part. And because I don’t do it every day I often go back to this picture I cut out years ago.

Behold the Windsor.

The Windsor

Dress up. Look good. Feel powerful. Go after it. Just like the commercials says, You’re going to like the way you look. 


  • Recently, I adjusted this post because the original journal entry is hard to see with the theme on my WordPress. This is an older post. The art is a digital image created by an AI. Usually, it takes the machine an eon to come up with anything good. But, this time, I loved the pic, you’re gonna love the way you look.