Power Constraints

While flipping channels, I came across Apollo 13. 1995. This was when Tom Hanks was at the height of his powers. There is a scene in the movie where they sequence powering up the LEM module for landing. It has to be done without using 20 amps of power, hollywood history style. Then, I started to ponder that I (most of us) struggle getting outside of our own constraints:

Do developers build for CPU horsepower today or for five years ago?

Why do I take the same route to work each day? Time? Route? Work start time?

Should I live where I live? And why do I?

Should I check email at the start of the day? Should I use it at all?

How much is my budget on a project? Can I ask for more? What happens if I use more?

Perhaps, the real question is what are my perceived constraints? What are the real constraints? And, more importantly, can/should we change them?