You Can’t Go Home Again

Hideo Kojima, the creator of the famed Metal Gear Solid franchise, opened his new media studio to the public yesterday. You have to admit, the hallway is epic. Pure white. Long Walk. A small door at the end. It reminds me of 2001: A Space Odyssey or something out of Alice in Wonderland. Only a creator of content would build this. A couple of quotes from the interview I enjoyed:

“My favorite thing to do is make things. Even on my death bed, I will still be making something.”

And (after a very public split from his former employer):

“I worked for 30 years at my previous company. I had a lot of experiences there and I’m very appreciative of everything I gained from that experience.”

He was grateful, classy, and acknowledged his passion. Most of all, he knows you learn and move forward. No, you can’t go home again (even if you want to at times), but there is always the next big thing if you push to find it.


  • Well, you learn a thing or two at each stop. Each in the picture represents a stop in the long career of life. Here is to many more to come.