Dole/Kemp Lives On

There is nothing new to this story. Still, I find true relics worth noting. I came across a site tracking the number of websites on the world-wide web. If you’re curious, the current count is approximately 1.1 B and change. A number of technology companies use this count to track market share information. How many websites use WordPress? Adobe? SiteCore? Or, what’s the count for those plugging away on their own? There is nothing wrong with tried and true HTML. Still, some sites continue to survive (many of the billion plus are archived).

But, yet, somehow Dole/Kemp is still at it. Does anyone remember the 1996 Presidential campaign? It’s a tribute to a lost campaign. Yes, the site is still live to a degree. Feel free to download wallpaper of Bob and Jack and Elizabeth too. I think that’s the beauty of the web, its fingers have reach. Details are forgotten but are never truly left behind. If you’re curious, the winner’s site has been archived. If you want, check it out too.