Lost Treasure

I came across an article on the last great American treasure this week, the Forrest Fenn Treasure Chest. As a child, I loved researching lost cities (Cortez), anything related to the Ark of the Covenant, and Confederate troves of gold. I haven’t really thought about these Indiana Jones type of quests for years. Most of these were featured on Unsolved Mysteries. There are many to choose from, some are probably hoaxes:

The Beale Ciper

Chinese Gold Bars

Forrest Again (More detailed article)

The Amber Room

The Lost Dutchman Mine

Seven Missing Eggs

Still, these are fun to read about. So, choose your own adventure. And remember, you can find anything on the internet.


  • And yes, the treasure was found. One down, oh so many to go.
  • The picture was snapped at Yellowstone National Park.