Journaling. A good practice. I’ve been jotting down ideas, works outs, daily milestones, and places I’ve been for a while now. Many are more regimented about it than I am. If you write down your workouts, you’re a level above most folks. You get what you measure. Some really turn it up a notch.

For the past five to ten years, I’ve used a Moleskine notebook with a saddleback leather cover. They’ve been my go-to. And then, I listened to a podcast on alternatives. Well, it turns out my go-to notebook may only last fifty years. Perhaps, the paperweight isn’t what it used to be. What if I want my ideas to last a good century? I hope they do.

I’m just impressed somebody tested out every notebook on the market. And then went to the trouble to test pen to paper too. Yes, there is always someone out there that will take it to the next level.

They should be praised.


  • The picture is of my first journal, believe I took two plus years to move to the next version before adopting the approach above.
  • I’ve written many posts on writing things down. Journal Resolutions. Operating Systems. Jefferson Bible. There are more than a few in this electronic journal of sorts called blog.
  • Books in the picture. The Iowa Baseball Confederacy. Artist’s Way. Hemingway Short-Stories. Zobra The Greek.