Marketing Genius 

November 2nd, 2016. The day the unthinkable happened. Statistically, going 100+ years without winning a World Series the white stockings feat is more than improbable. Depending on how you gamble and figure the odds, it’s less than one percent (technically, I think this is 1/1000th of a percent). Yet, this happened. Years of frustration. Close calls. Finally, a special team broke the curse. Give the boys in blue credit.

As a Cardinals fan, I was disappointed in the finish. The Redbirds came one game shy of getting into the dance. On paper, they couldn’t compete with the Cubbies. Then again, the 2006 trophy shouldn’t be in St. Louis either. The best team doesn’t always win. In a short series, anything can happen. And the worse part about the curse ending? Well, it’s the flags. If you’re not familiar with the famed “W” flag, it flies until the Cubs lose again. I’ve been seeing these flags all winter. Grocery store sprints. Morning run. Evening walk. School drop-offs. November 2nd to April 2nd is a long celebration. I’m not picking. This is pure genius.


  • On opening day, the Cardinals finally broke the endless winter streak. Take those flags down. Let’s get this season started. Should be a fun summer.
  • I used to have a picture of a Cubs flag but went with a 2006 Cardinals World Series hat. Why not? Improbable.