Roman Holiday

It’s one of my favorite movies. Audrey Hepburn. Gregory Peck. But the real star is the eternal city, Rome. Today, as I rummaged through my desk, I found a small statue of the Colosseo in the back of a drawer. I bought it from a sidewalk vendor on one of the winding, cobblestone streets to the catacombs, probably overpaid. It’s been a decade since I last walked the streets. Yet, the city remains. Here were some of the memories that came rushing back:

  1. The Coloseo. I admit I was hustled. On arrival, I got out of the cab, paid my euro, and then passed through the rite of passage of the gladiators who grab your camera, declare your wife as Cleopatra incarnate (which I believe to be true), and shove tin helmets on your head. Sadly, I don’t think they allow this anymore. Pity. Still, the Roman concrete stands the test of time. Note, I came across this article on Roman Concrete. To think, modern concrete has a life span of about 50 years. The Coloseo was completed in 80 AD. It’s too bad someone didn’t keep their grandmother’s concrete recipe. It’s stronger, lasts longer, and has a superior carbon footprint. 
  2. The Spanish Steps. There is a coffee shop near the foot of the steps. When the end is nigh, I’d love to be drafting a story, or simply jotting a few notes, while sipping a shot of espresso right here. It truly is the world’s best of coffee.
  3. Pantheon. Outdoor dining at its best. It doesn’t really matter what you eat. Location. Location Location.
  4. Roman Forum. Stand still. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. When you open your eyes, you can go back and time, just for a fleeting instant, and picture how the city looked centuries ago.

There is so much more. The Vatican. Catacombs. St. Peter’s Basicala. Sistine Chapel. Piazza Navona. Trevi Fountain. Spend a few days. Better yet, try for a few weeks. What are you waiting for? There is so little time.


  • The pictures are all of Rome, taken with an old Canon camera. For the leading photo, I ran the image through Photoshop and posterized. Thought it came out incredible; however, art is in the eye of the beholder.