Keep Doing What You Do

Earlier this week, ESPN announced a series of layoffs. The news reverberated across the journalism industry. Those impacted handled the announcements with class and grace. And sadly, Jayson Stark will no longer be part of the ESPN lineup. Yes, he’ll bounce back, but I’ve read his work for years. This hurts. Last year, he boldly wrote the Cubs and the Greatest Game Ever Played. Historically, I’ll let him have it. It was a great series and an epic Game 7. Yes, there is a certain build-up after 108 years of missed opportunities, bad teams, and just rotten luck. Statistically, losing this long shouldn’t happen, but the 2016 Cubbies weren’t exactly underdogs. On paper, they were supposed to win. Best game ever?

Oh Jayson, have you forgotten about the Cardinals Wild Ride to the World Series?

The best game of all time was played in St. Louis in 2011 when David Freese forces Game 6 and the Cardinals achieved the Impossible Dream. In a head to head best of seven, I’d take this team over the 1927 Yankees.

Thanks for the memories, Jayson. You’ve always made your readers believe their team was the best in the universe. Keep doing what you do.