Unshakeable Financial Freedom

Tony Robbins. A larger-than-life force of nature but not without controversy. When I hear his voice, it’s impossible not to get excited. He’s recently released two books on investing: Unshakable and Money Master the Game. I’ve read both and just completed Unshakeable-a cliff notes version of his first book on finances. A lengthy read but worthy. There are a number of investing nuggets hidden in the pages: watch out for fees, the power of diversification, true financial planning, decency bias, and managing risk. And right when I thought about writing the new book off as a repeat, the last chapter came along and made the work worth the price of admission. Real Wealth. Extraordinary Quality of Life.

Here were a few takeaways I wanted to jot down:

  • The first step to achieving anything you want is Focus.
  • Massive action.
  • Grace. Listen to the universe.
  • Keep growing
  • Give


  • What better picture than the US One Dollar Bill. Annuit Coeptis. God favors are undertakings.
  • If you’re curious, the large institutional investors have to post their investments in their 13F forms. One can always check their balances. In most cases, they are extremely diversified and place less than 50% of their holdings in pure stocks.