Unshakeable Financial Freedom

Tony Robbins. A larger than life force of nature. When I hear his voice, it’s impossible not to get excited. He’s recently released two books on investing: Unshakable and Money Master the Game. I’ve read both and just completed Unshakeable-a cliff notes version of his first book on finances. The first book is a lengthy read, that doesn’t make the tome unworthy. There are a number of investing nuggets hidden in the pages: watch out for fees, the power of diversification, true financial planning, decency bias, and managing risk. And right when I thought about writing the new book off as a repeat, the last chapter came along and made the work worth the price of admission. Real Wealth. Extraordinary Quality of Life.

Here were a few takeaways I wanted to jot down:

  • The first step to achieve anything you want is Focus.
  • Massive action.
  • Grace. Listen to the universe.
  • Keep growing
  • Give