Did You Know?

I recently sat through a presentation from the good folks at Google. The presenters were going through the macro internet trends from 2016. For the first time, mobile overtook desktop in searches/traffic. This was only a matter of time. More impressive, almost 108 million new users from India logged on to the internet for the first time. Considering that’s almost a third of the US population, that’s eye-opening.

This made me remember the Did You Know video from 2008. I used to give presentations to high school students on a number of topics. Mostly, the importance of hard work and showing up. Before walking on stage, I often carefully scripted the message. To drive home a point, I’d do magic tricks, recall important moment’s in history, or just tell stories from my own childhood. But this video always grasps a class’ attention. Talent comes from all places. Diverse opinions matter. And we’re all so connected the best, no matter the subject, becomes easier to find or rise to the top.

As a bonus, the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack is worth a listen (the instrumental plays in the background), not too bad a movie either.


  • The picture is my Noogler hat, a short career diversion. But I’ll give credit where credit is due, the hat is indeed legendary.
  • Simple text. Perfect instrumental.