Negotiation Class Notes

These were notes from a negotiation class I took years ago. Thought they were worth keeping:

  • All Negotiations Have Structure: It’s important to build coalitions and identify structure in any negotiation.
  • Structure Shapes Strategy: Be flexible, carefully assess potential outcomes. Never say no.
  • Structure Can Be Shaped: Constantly give action times, give, and take exercise. With more items on the table, it’s easier to come to an agreement.
  • Process and Control: Frame arguments and approach people in the right order.
  • Channeling: Use action-forcing events: meetings, calendar year. Important to find shared interests.
  • Lead: Constantly be learning.

Other Notes:

The cover image for this post used to be from the Negotiator,  a great film with Sam Jackson and Kevin Spacey. However, due to recent events, the image needed to be replaced with the GodFather. The real life actor can bleed into the character, making a great movie unwatchable.