Six Degrees

Yeah, the Kevin Bacon game. This is probably one of the best Wikipedia entries I’ve read in months. It was perfectly written, right up to the end, when I learned Kevin Bacon is not the true center of the acting universe. If you check out the following site, Samuel L. Jackson sits a bit closer. Note, Eric Roberts (I) is mathematically closest to the sun. The volume of work matters in the law of averages.

I did go back and take a look at the master of dance’s filmography. Here are my top five:

  1. Footloose … was there any doubt?
  2. A Few Good Men … this is the movie that makes six degrees happen, so many good actors in this film.
  3. Apollo 13.
  4. She’s Having a Baby.
  5. The Following … not a film but the first few episodes of season one are pretty good.

And if you can’t get enough Kevin Bacon, check out the Tonight Show. This entrance is epic.


  • The picture is a posterized version of the Nashville skyline. If you look closer, the mother church sits amidst the growing skyscrapers.