The Grunge Gods

On May 17th, Chris Cornell decided to take his life. He will be missed, and I, like many others, know that this one hurts. He was different, pushing music forward with Soundgarden, Audioslave, and his own work. Yes, the Grunge Gods are dwindling. Deep voice. Edge. Rasp. Screech above the guitar and drums. I grew up with the music that roared like thunder. And when I need it most, I’ll go back and listen, perhaps a little closer this time. Within the darkness, hope hides.

Chris, thanks for giving you us your best work:

  1. I Am the Highway, Audioslave
  2. Burden in My Hand, Soundgarden
  3. Spoonman, Soundgarden
  4. Outshined, Soundgarden
  5. Scream, Chris Cornell
  6. Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden
  7. Hunger Strike, Temple of the Dog

These were a few of my favorites. Creativity is hard.


  • Picture taken from a visit to Seattle, the statue of Chris resides outside the Museum of Pop Culture near the famous Space Needle, which is worth a visit.
  • And years later, Chris is up for best Rock Album at the Grammy’s this weekend. Sadly, the fitting title is indeed correct, nobody sings like you anymore.