Dad/Writer/Farmer/Tech Guy

I suppose these titles fit me in a nutshell. Let’s pretend I’m at a dinner party or social gathering and someone asks, what do you do? Well, I’m going to give these a shout-out. For a couple of decades plus, within the tech industry, I’ve been solving technology challenges for many an organization. Looking back, I’ve helped develop new industry-defining software and hardware, worked at open-source companies, and joined organizations that didn’t exist upon graduation, which is humbling. Yes, life is a journey. As you’re the sum of the folks you’ve worked with along life’s road, no career is taken alone. And always remember, know what you are chasing, why you are chasing it, and what do you hope to become by succeeding in said chase.


I published my first novel, Knights of Legend, under my name after eight years of work in 2012. The hardest part might not have been the writing. To think, 500 words per day translates to 180,000 words a year–the length of two full two-length novels. For Knights, most of the time I spent in the editing process, there were twelve drafts. This was a long road. And I have a number of people to thank including friends, family, college professors, and an editor who trimmed about 50,000 words out of the book. For me, this book is lean and mean. But in the end, compared to the writing process, the confidence of putting yourself out there is the hardest part of the work. Since then, I’ve kept up the habit finishing the Dark Harp. A tale of a King, Queen, Dark Wizard, and two magical instruments that changed the Kingdom of Silver Throne. And The Day Life Breaks. A parable about life and work.

I also journal and write frequently. And have a few projects in the works. There is joy in writing, keep it going.

Anything Else?

Yeah, I still believe in the American Dream, that baseball is the National Pastime, great speeches are history’s time capsule, and telling stories remains an important part of our culture.