The Flash Time Capsule

When a new technology hits the scene, I struggle to recall the old guard. What did I do before my Nokia? Take the exit and find a pay phone at a nearby gas station? Before a pilot flipped the first inflight WiFi switch on, how did travelers function on cross-Atlantic flights? I imagined the world […]

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Spinning Vinyl

Did you have a mullet and live in the cassette era? Do you remember the ribbon falling off the track? Crinkled? Did you pull the brittle rainbow out, stick your finger through the plastic wheel, and turn baby turn? Growing up, cassette tapes possessed a magical quality. You could record your voice, play the recording […]

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Building Blocks

How do you measure success? Who doesn’t ponder this somewhat pointless question (at least for some scholars)? With noses in books during study hall, college students grapple with the secrets of success while reading a challenging chapter on the Middle East for American History 307. Inside a boardroom, professionals weigh Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) before […]

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Writing Spots

There is a saying in business. Location. Location. Location. The choice matters for restaurants and retail. In Peoria, IL (most know it as the Center of the Known Universe), there is an oft abandoned spot near War Memorial Drive where restaurants open only to die months later. Prime example, folks normally flock in droves to […]

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Seize the Day

Carpe diemĀ 

In life, religious books can serve as a guide to live. These are old texts, manuals that have stood the test of time. Over the winter, I went to Arizona for Spring Training and attended Sunday service. No, it wasn’t the church of baseball. Rarely, do I take the time to attend on vacation. I’m […]

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Switch and the Glory Days

The Nintendo Entertainment System. After growing up with Atari, this beast of an electronic device came along to change and remake an industry. I was used to Pitfall Harry and fighting endless hordes of Centipedes. With Mario, there was a princess to save, hidden coins to discover, and warps to different worlds. This was gaming […]

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