Six Degrees

Yeah, the Kevin Bacon game. This is probably one of the best Wikipedia entries I’ve read in months. It was so perfectly written, right up to the end, when I learned Kevin Bacon is not the true center of the acting universe. If you check out the following site, it shows Samuel L. Jackson is […]

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Seize the Day

Carpe diem 

In life, religious books can serve as a guide to live. These are old texts, manuals that have stood the test of time. Over the winter, I went to Arizona for Spring Training and attended Sunday service. No, it wasn’t the church of baseball. Rarely, do I take the time to attend on vacation. I’m […]

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La La Land

I rarely watch all of the Oscar nominated movies. We all live busy lives. Choices. It’s sad, but I might be the last person in America to see La La Land. If you wait long enough, live in a bubble, nobody can spoil the ending for you. I was glad I was surprised. As the credits […]

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GROW Model

There are many coaching models in the wild these days. Ask. Listen. Empower. The GROW model was developed in the UK during the 1980s and 1990s. The definition I remember from IBM training was a bit different, but the concept is relatively the same: Goals Reality Options Will What’s the primary difference? Some use two Os: Options […]

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City Park Grill

I caught Midnight in Paris on Netflix over the weekend. It’s a great flick (considered by many to be one of Woody Allen’s best in recent memory), and I couldn’t get over how Hemingway was portrayed. Corey Stoll brought the writer to life, at least for me. If you travel to Michigan (Upper-Penninsula), stop by […]

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