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Carpe diemĀ 

In life, religious books can serve as a guide to live. These are old texts, manuals that have stood the test of time. Over the winter, I went to Arizona for Spring Training and attended Sunday service. No, it wasn’t the church of baseball. Rarely, do I take the time to attend on vacation. I’m […]

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Faulkner Nobel Address

As we move into a brave new world, I felt this speech was timely. Faulkner gave this speech at the height of the cold war. During a period of great fear, he pushed for a new optimism. It’s also a testament to the trials and tribulations of being creative. Why we, as humans, shall continue […]

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Washington Resignation Speech

On December 23, 1783, General Washington, leader of the Continental army, gave up his military duty; thus, returning the power back to the people. We often think in today’s terms. It’s hard to think like somone from the 1790s. But consider, America wasn’t the super power it is today. It had few true alliances and […]

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Challenger Address

President Obama recently wrote an article on Going to Mars. For me, it was important, almost required at some level. I feel the United States needs to break new ground. Be bold. Push. Build great things. Think big. I believe it’s who we are, as a country. Yet, I feel this announcement took too long. […]

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To begin, I’ve never read any of Wallace’s work before this speech, whish is surprising as he grew up in my neck of the woods. Nor do I live my life by the footnotes in Infinite Jest. It’s sad he left this world oh way too soon. I enjoyed this much debated work.  There are […]

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Crafting a Story

I admit I’m a convention junkie. No, I’ve never attended one, but I do love the spectacle. Goals of the country. Branding. Messaging. Party Platform. Most of all, I love to watch the speeches. I try to choose a favorite each year. Yes, some years have better material to work with than others (Powell, Reagan, […]

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