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Carpe diemĀ 

In life, religious books can serve as a guide to live. These are old texts, manuals that have stood the test of time. Over the winter, I went to Arizona for Spring Training and attended Sunday service. No, it wasn’t the church of baseball. Rarely, do I take the time to attend on vacation. I’m […]

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Faulkner Nobel Address

As we move into a brave new world, I felt this speech was timely. Faulkner gave this speech at the height of the cold war. During a period of great fear, he pushed for a new optimism. It’s also a testament to the trials and tribulations of being creative. Why we, as humans, shall continue […]

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Washington Resignation Speech

On December 23, 1783, General Washington, leader of the Continental army, gave up his military duty; thus, returning the power back to the people. We often think in today’s terms, hard to wear a hat from the 1790s. But consider, America wasn’t the super power it is today. It had few true alliances and was […]

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Challenger Address

President Obama recently wrote an article on Going to Mars. For me, it was important, almost required at some level. I feel the United States needs to break new ground. Be bold. Push. Build great things. Think big. I believe it’s who we are, as a country. Yet, I feel this announcement took too long. […]

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To begin, I’ve never read any of Wallace’s work before this speech, whish is surprising as he grew up in my neck of the woods. Nor do I live my life by the footnotes in Infinite Jest. It’s sad he left this world oh way too soon. I enjoyed this much debated work.  There are […]

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Crafting a Story

I admit I’m a convention junkie. No, I’ve never attended one, but I do love the spectacle. Goals of the country. Branding. Messaging. Party Platform. Most of all, I love to watch the speeches. I try to choose a favorite each year. Yes, some years have better material to work with than others (Powell, Reagan, […]

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