“Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Steve Jobs

Focus on the Now

Some call this a Now page. I like to think the concept is more about focus. Time is an important tool for showing us what matters. This is how I’m spending mine these days:

Everyday Gig

I’ve been in the technology industry for twenty-five years now. I suppose the Tandy computer my parents gave me turned out to be a fairly good investment. Through the years, I’ve had multiple leadership roles at Google, IBM, Hitachi, Microsoft, and Automattic (known for WordPress). Lately, I’ve been traveling the world. Cool places like Paris, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Jackson Hole, Tempe, and Tuscon. Grant, none of these rival Nashville. I always look forward to coming home to Music City.


I love to tinker with writing projects. The problem is that there are too many ways to waste time these days. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, The NY Times, etc., are all built to distract you from what matters. Even if you are focused, lately I’ve spread my fortunes across four book projects, this site, etc., This year, I’m tinkering with a modern telling of a Grimm Fairy Tale, which I should finish, and, yes, the other three.

Playing Guitar

I’ve always liked the idea of playing the guitar. But if I liked playing the guitar, I’d invest the time. So, I’m going to learn the basics, buy a nice instrument, and be able to play a solid Angel from Montgomery. Afterward, I might write a song/play with my kid a little (he’s pretty good at his craft).


“Life is a race. Run.” – A Wise Person