Well, you have to talk about yourself a little … I suppose … why not …

Sales Executive/Writer/Dad

I suppose these titles fit me in a nutshell. If someone asked me at a dinner party, what do you do? I’m probably going to give these a shout out. For a decade plus (I’m getting old), I’ve been marketing technology of sorts to enterprises across multiple industries: insurance and financial services, government, manufacturing, retail, life sciences, and healthcare. After a tour of duty at IBM and Microsoft, I now work at this groovy startup, Automattic. We’re pushing to make the web a better place, work on a tiny web service better known as WordPress.com, power some of the largest websites in the world (Time, People, and more), and are always experimenting with new technology.

Knights of Legend

Awhile back, I published my first novel, Knights of Legend, after eight years of work. The hardest part might not have been the writing, just a few paragraphs each day can take you far. To think, just 500 words per day translates to 180,000 words a year. For Knights, most of the time I spent in the editing process, there were twelve drafts of this book. It was a long road. And I have a number of people to thank including friends, family, college professors, and an editor that trimmed about 50,000 words out of the book. For me, this book is lean and mean. But in the end, it’s the confidence of putting yourself out there that is the hardest. If you are interested in picking up a copy, check out Dynamic Page or look on Amazon (there is a Kindle Version too).

The Dark Harp

This is a little project I managed with my kid. A year ago, my child laid down the Christmas challenge. “Write me a story, Daddy.” After a lengthy editing process, crafting 50,000 words, and painting a little on the side, the story of a King, Queen, Dark Wizard, and two magical instruments is available now. Also available on Amazon.

Putting Yourself Out There

I also manage another site, jscottbradley.com where I write about a few other projects of sorts and post insights I’ve written from literature and business classes to just trying to keep my head above water being a dad. I’ve actually written a number of articles through the years. And I try to post a work here twice a month (usually 500 words plus per post). So, feel free to check it out. What I’ve found is that posting 500 plus words takes work, which is why I created this site.

Anything Else?

Yeah, I still believe in the American Dream, baseball is the National Pastime, and that telling stories remains an important part of our culture.