There is power in writing every day. Moving forward.


One word.


Two Word.


Three Word.




And then, after a few thousand keystrokes, you have a post, a chapter, and finally the beginning of a great story. Yet, not all ideas make it. Some fall into the abyss. And that’s fine because each worn path is part of the story. You wouldn’t get to the end without them.


The below are mine. I started a site where I posted one post each day. The project lasted about 180 days, but then I felt it was distracting from other pieces of work. These were quick thoughts. Snippets. Quotes. A glimpse in time. Ideas that didn’t quite get there. Sigh. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t important. Perhaps, just maybe, they will lead to a story one day.


Note, the last twenty are below. If you want to take a look at the entire pond, feel free to explore (I’ve cleaned up the list since the original project).