Tidying Up

I’ve been in a bit of downsizing mode of late. In the past forty-five days, I’ve read The 100 Thing Challenge and browsed The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I purged my basement awhile back (more details here). Yet, after all this work I can’t say I’ve made up ground. People are like certain types of fish, or a virus depending on your vantage point, and grow to the size of a glass bowl. If you have space, you’ll fill it. Discipline. At times, it’s hard.

So, I’ve had a new tip of late. When moving outside county lines, the big moving companies charge per pound. If you want to keep that beat-up refrigerator at your new place cross-country, it might cost more than buying new at Best Buy. This is sad but true.

Before you make that next impulse buy, pretend you’re moving.

Apply a cost figure.


  • Yes, I’ve yet to open this box of books from our last move, going on five years now.
  • And sure, some items truly are priceless and should be moved. I’ve had a few folks email to that effect, which I wholeheartedly agree with.