Tidying Up

I’ve been in a bit of downsizing mode of late. In the past forty-five days, I’ve read The 100 Thing Challenge and browsed The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I purged my basement awhile back (more details here). Yet, after all this work I can’t say I’ve made up ground. People are like certain types of fish, or a virus depending on your vantage point, and grow to the size of the glass bowl. If you have space, you’ll fill it. Discipline. At times, it’s hard.

So, I’ve had a new tip of late. When moving outside county lines, the big moving companies charge per pound. If you want to keep that beat-up refrigerator at your new place cross country, it might cost more than buying new at Best Buy. This is sad but true.

Before you make that next impulse buy, pretend you’re moving.

Apply a cost figure.