Love Actually

This movie is a Christmas miracle. Why is it so good? I have no idea. Multiple storylines. All interconnected. This is one of those movies that shouldn’t have been made or even attempted. It is so difficult to pull off. Five-thirty-eight completed an in-depth analysis of screen time that is worth reviewing. It doesn’t really tell why the spiderweb works. And duplicating this movie’s success (yes, others have tried), is almost an impossibility.

Multiple plot threads are hard. Yet, this spiderweb made better by Christmas randomness works. The prime minister going door to door. The kid’s play. And, of course, the airport scene that pulls together any other missing elements amazes. Everything connects around a theme. But doesn’t … it’s almost maddening in a loveable way.

While watching it last night, I marveled at of all things, the office space. Big computers. Nokia cell phones. Fax machines. Corner offices.

Yes, technology changes. People and their struggles continue to endure.


  • Have I mentioned how much I love this movie?
  • No, Radiator Springs doesn’t have anything to do with Love Actually. But I like the picture. And, there is always a sequel, which they shouldn’t even attempt.
  • On a smaller scale, the Mater’s Tall Tales make an effort at the Love Actually genre. He’s Mater and somehow makes an appearance in all facets of life. Wrestling. Racing. Secret Agent.