GROW Model

There are many coaching models in the wild these days. Ask. Listen. Empower. High-performance sales methodology. The GROW model was developed in the UK during the 1980s and 1990s and corporations latched on to help better their employees. The definition I remember from IBM training was modified, but in corporate America that is common. Every organization is an Easter Egg. But aren’t we all?

Here is the good old fashion approach:





Other variations to the model? Some folks use two Os: Options and Obstacle. For me, Will makes all the difference. Most models say Way Forward. But having the gut check really matters. Does the organization have the will to change? Do you have the will to change? To slog it out when the going gets tough? Come on Rocky, I didn’t hear no bell. Nah, it’s not the best of the series, but this scene works.


  • Hard to have a picture that represents identifying and weighing options. So, I used a farm located in North East Missouri. Yes, farmers have will each harvest season.